GROCERY DANCE (2017-present)

Photography: Hana Newfeld

GROCERY DANCE is a public art project that brings contemporary dance to supermarkets. Grocery Dance premiered in Columbus, OH, at Lucky’s Market. After three successful renditions in Columbus, Grocery Dance has begun to expand to other stores in other cities.


Luckys’s Market - Columbus, OH (2017)

Lucky’s Market Part II - Columbus, OH (2017)

Lucky’s Market Part III - Columbus, OH (2018)

Riverwards Produce - Philadelphia, PA (2018)

More on Grocery Dance:

Grocery Dance is a public art project that brings contemporary dance to supermarkets and live performance to the public. Grocery Dance blurs the lines between avant-garde and mundane and dismantles the myth that contemporary dance is esoteric. Grocery Dance deconstructs the barrier between performer and audience member by turning a shared space into a stage.

Grocery Dance also conducts a food drive: A barrel stands at the exit of the supermarket, encouraging shoppers to donate groceries. After the performance, the Grocery Dance Team delivers the donations to a local soup kitchen.

I wish to challenge the traditional dynamics of dance performance. Grocery Dance makes people stop, look around, and even smile at each other in a place where they normally rush through to check items off a list.

I aim to make dances that are public, accessible and affordable. By bringing dance to public, non-traditional spaces, I hope to challenge normative ways of seeing and being in the world, while also making beauty out of the commonplace.

Grocery Dance is expanding. Our goal is to bring Grocery Dance all over the country, in different demographic locations. Help us bring free dance to more audiences by supporting us here:


Performers: Tim Bendernagel, Genevieve Johnson, Lilianna Kane, Maddie Leonard-Rose, Chloe Napoletano, Hana Newfeld, Meledi Montano, Claire Moore, Kylee Smith